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Nigel Sylvester

BORN: AUG 23, 1987


With a riding style formulated in the streets of New York City and on display around the world, Nigel Sylvester is a star in the world of sports and widely recognized as one of the premier riders in BMX. Growing up in New York, Nigel did not have access to proper skate parks, big park courses or the ability to enter legit contests but he never let that stop him from reaching his goal of being one of the best. Staying true to his style is of great importance. “I grew up riding the gritty streets of New York City, I didn't have the traditional BMX access, that forced me to explore other avenues in order to reach my goals,” Nigel said. “I've been able to work hard and create a name for myself in BMX through a unconventional approach."

His prowess as a BMX athlete has enabled him to land endorsement deals with leading names in sports, lifestyle and entertainment including Nike, Gatorade, G-Shock, Animal Bikes, Dan's Comp and beats by dre. He has filmed several feature videos for his sponsors that have garnered millions of views, and, developed his own web series entitled, Get Sylvester, chronicling his daily life and interactions as a professional athlete while also featuring him riding in New York City and around the world.

Nigel continued to form his skills riding on the streets and parks of New York City before he turned pro. While New York doesn't feature a multitude of skate parks for riders, Nigel still considers it his favorite place to ride in the world.

Being an ambassador of BMX and quickly becoming recognized as the face of his sport. “I want to push myself and challenge the sport to continuously grow. Help the world gain a better understand of BMX and why I do it” said Nigel. “I feel like a lot of people understand the feeling you get from riding a bike. They might not be able to do exactly what I do, but they can relate and appreciate it.”

“I want to push myself and challenge the sport to continuously grow. Help the world gain a better understanding of BMX and why I do it.”



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